Xiaomi New Product Launch, Mi5?

Xiaomi have been really active lately with both their productivity and MIUI developments. Now, Xiaomi schedule an event on 24th November. What are they going to announce is still yet to be guessed by every one of us. But we are sure that it’s going to be the new 2015 Xiaomi flagship, no other than the Mi phone lineup, Mi5.

Invitation letter posted by Lin Bin

Previously, Xiaomi introduced their flagship around the same time, at the end of the year. So this is about the same time, as we all expect. One more thing, based on the rumors, we are expecting the new Snapdragon 820 on this new upcoming device. With the new MIUI7, are we really going to see yet another flagship killer from one of the biggest China phone manufacturer?

For sure, we need to wait for one more week.

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