World’s first Neural Network Keyboard

Swiftkey debuted a World’s first Neural Network smartphone predictive keyboard today is the world’s first keyboard that uses artificial neural networks to predict and correct your typing.This keyboard is powered by Swiftkey’s ‘n-gram‘ technology and it is said that it predictions for complex word relationships.

How does this works?

In simple terms, machine learning. Swiftkey utilized your device capabilities to predict your words based on an enormous amount of language data. It understands word similarity, allowing it to compare words on the fly. Within the neural model, words can be visualized in ‘clusters’, located at varying degrees of proximity to one another. Check out Swiftkey’s blog post here to learn more about it.



Tested on my Xperia Z3 running stock Lollipop, I dare say the keyboard is fast and was able to predict my words well. Here is a video of me typing fast with no errors at all. According to the devs at swiftkey, it is said that Graphics Processing Unit-accelerated was used where possible,which could show how fast it was. The app is also optimised for Android 4.4 and above.















The app is currently in a alpha stage and only offers English model. Other languages might come in the future updates.











Excited about it? Go grab the download from the Play Store.


Daniel Quah

18 Year old dude, who loves cat and tech