WhatsAppMD Review

This is WhatsAppMD

This is WhatsAppMD

UPDATE: WhatsAppMD has since been taken down, and WhatsApp has updated their app with the Material design.
Ever wondered when Facebook is going to update WhatsApp with the latest Material Design elements? Well, my guess is probably never. Of course, since we are on Android, there are communities of developers out there ready to make things better for us. A developer by the name of Joaquin Cuitiño has kindly taken up the challenge of remaking WhatsApp, and adding in the Material Design elements into it. The final result is of course, a WhatsApp with better user experience, and a better interface. If you’re a user who’s really into the interface, then you’ll need to see this for yourself.



  • Material Design
  • Chats screen looks less cluttered thanks to circle indicators
  • In-built updater
  • Lots of mods by the community so you can get many other interface colours


  • Bugs! These are fixed periodically by the developer and the community, but you’ll have to live with it if you want to use WhatsAppMD
  • Not officially endorsed by WhatsApp and Facebook

If you can’t wait for WhatsApp to update their app with the latest Material Design, you can check out WhatsAppMD here:

You will need to enable ‘Unknown sources’ in Settings > Security to be able to install WhatsAppMD.
Note: You will not be able to directly update WhatsApp to WhatsAppMD due to their conflicting signatures.
Stay tuned for more reviews!