VSCO Cam 3.1 Update Brings New Goodies

VSCO Cam for Android has just received quite a big update , version 3.1. This new update brings a few notable  changes including a refreshed user interface, new features, updated camera and a some tweaks on the back-end. New feature that’s surprisingly useful is the ability to synchronize across devices. We can now import photos directly to VSCO Cam Library with the web uploader tool, and enjoy a truly seamless shooting, editing, and sharing experience with a host of additional features. The camera is also updated to give some quality improvements. I never use the built-in camera function before, but surely I’ll give a try as it’s also as good as my Nexus 5 Google Camera. A new split focus exposure feature is also come with this update for selected HTC devices. The store is also updated and it’s getting better. Cleaner tiled design and there’s a restore purchases button at the bottom of the store page ( previously located at a ridiculous support menu in the settings )

Here’s is the full changelog from VSCO :-

  • Sync feature allows shooting and editing across devices
  • Updated camera
  • Improved image quality
  • Enhancements to stability and performance
  • Split focus exposure on select HTC devices
  • Auto launch to camera option
  • Improved store experience
  • Updated UI/UX

The new user experience is rather frustrating for me, I still having trouble to download all 88 presets that I have in my account. But at least for now I know I have 88 total presets to be downloaded which this is clearly not shown in previous version.

The app is compatible with most Android devices running at least Android 4.0 or higher.

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