Viral Pro Review

Viral Pro iconWant to watch YouTube videos while sending a text message? Look no further, for Viral Pro is here! Viral Pro is a YouTube client which allows you to do everything YouTube allows you to do, except it allows you not only to view videos in pop-up windows, but also allows you to save videos to a cache so that you can view them while offline.

All these, and you can even customize how Viral Pro looks – Action bar, background, and all. The app is in active development, but updates are being released slowly, so expect a number of bugs (although most not so serious as to break the app completely). In the period I was using Viral Pro, I had a relatively good experience with it. Videos opened from any other app would automatically show up in a pop-up window, allowing me to continue doing whatever I was doing, such as replying to someone on a text messaging app.


  • Floating YouTube videos
  • Material design
  • Offline videos


  • Bugs need to be squashed
  • No background video playing (limited by Google)
  • Lags device when changing to floating mode

If you are interested in a new YouTube player, you can get the app here:

Unfortunately, if you are unable to access the Play Store, there is no way to get the app, as paid apps are not supported on evozi’s APK downloader.
See you next time!