Timote Review

Keeping our devices connected is really not that difficult. Whether over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, various apps can now communicate between devices, mainly a PC/Mac and our smartphones. Timote is one of them.

Timote is a remote control app written specifically for the Spotify music streaming service. It allows your Android smartphone to remotely control (over Wi-Fi) the Spotify player on your Windows PC. While Spotify’s Connect feature also does the same, it is not free, and only Premium users can use it – Timote is free, and you can always opt to pay a small one time fee for a couple more features to be unlocked. Timote also connects to your Spotify account so you can always play music from your playlists/Starred folder, all without interacting with your Windows PC.


  • Remote control Spotify!
  • Absolutely free for basic features
  • Controls PC volume as well


  • No password protection for server-smartphone connection
  • Server info screen can be a little complicated for normal users
  • Material design doesn’t seem complete


You can get Timote here:

The PC server application can be found here:

Timote has also had a history of issues with Google’s content flagging system, but since then no problems have arised. Is Timote useful for you? Do you use Spotify Premium? Let me know in the comments below!