THL 5000 Review

5000 mAh of battery, anyone? The THL 5000 has got you covered!

I’ve used this device for about a month or so from the date of purchase now, and it’s pretty impressive. Its 5000 mAh battery usually lasts me about 2 days or more, and its SoC, the MT6592/T clocked at 2.0GHz just makes it even better, as games I play are much smoother than before. I’m also using this device as a daily driver, as my P2000 is used for ROM development and testing.

Apart from that, the device has a size that really fits. Its thickness is just right to make it feel really solid, and its shape is just ergonomic in terms of fitting it into a pocket, unlike the P2000, which has a rectangular shape and is slightly larger, making it harder to put into conventional jeans pockets. However, the THL 5000 has a back that is slightly too slippery, making the device feel like it’s going to drop or slide off a table. The plus side is that when you are holding it, the sides of the device will prevent the phone from ever slipping off your hands, albeit making the phone feel sticky and slightly uncomfortable.


  • 5000 mAh battery together with Deep Sleep allows the device to have extremely long standby times
  • 2.0GHz octa-core processor makes everything snappy (even Minuum Keyboard doesn’t lag anymore)
  • 13MP SONY camera makes images really clear. Check out the camera samples here.
  • 18MP interpolation for both front and back camera
  • Design and shape is ergonomic
  • About 4GB of app data space


  • Phone back cover doesn’t have a nice grip, and is really hard to remove
  • Display is slightly offset (top part is cut off, bottom part has a weird 2 pixel line of repeated pixels)
  • Back camera is not centered
  • Power button/volume button layout is left/right and not right/left, which is not easy to get used to
  • Notification LED has only two colours, red and yellow
  • Initial out-of-the-box firmware has a lot of bloatware, updating through Adups FOTA (Wireless update) fixes this

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