REVIEW : HTC One (M8) : One of a kind..!

WWhen I hear the word HTC, the things that come to my mind are jaw-dropping design, premium class and quietly brilliant. Four years ago, HTC was at the top of its game. It had successfully transitioned from a white label smartphone pioneer to a well-known brand. From the heights of the HTC Desire, the world’s first true iPhone competitor, it had fallen dramatically, and sales were in the gutter. The brand needed a reboot, and the HTC One was just that. It wasn’t a commercial success in the same vein as the iPhone 5S or the Samsung Galaxy S4, but it was critically superior. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s confidence may’ve been shaken due to the underwhelming sales of the original One but the new one cannot afford to show it. So it’s all the more impressive that HTC, from making the best phone of 2013 has managed to make the HTC […]

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