Personal Data Marketplaces : Will you sell your own information?

The NSA has gotten a bad reputation for scooping up people’s information, but they are not the only ones. Our personal information is highly valued, and online data brokers are making millions by gathering and sharing our email addresses, search history, buying habits and marriage status with advertisers and marketers. But now we can take control of this process by selling our personal data ourselves. There are some companies know as Personal Data Marketplaces and their goal is to cut out the middleman by allowing users to share their personal information with companies and in return get paid for it. The way these new data-mining companies see it, your data belongs to you. So if someone should be making a profit on it, it should be you and not others. Private data markets may not solve the issue of dataleakage singlehandedly, but they might help consumers appreciate the value of the information […]

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