SuperSU Ownership Transferred

SuperSUDeveloper Chainfire has just released a statement pertaining to the transfer of ownership of the widely used root management app SuperSU to another set of developers. This move came as a huge surprise (or shock), as the annoucement was made during the Google press event on 29 September.


According to Chainfire, SuperSU development will now be transferred to a new group of developers from XDA called Coding Code Mobile Technology (CCMT). It is an odd name, but the SuperSU Pro listing on the Google Play Store has already changed its developer to being Codingcode instead of Chainfire.

Chainfire too has also stated that he will still be working on SuperSU for the next 2 years, until then he will slowly phase out his work, and let CCMT take full control of SuperSU.

What this eventually may bring is still unknown, but we hope SuperSU will remain a clean and bloat-free root management app.

The original announcement can be found on Chainfire’s Google+ profile.