[Sponsored] Ulefone uWear

Ulefone has had their ups and downs during their time with smartphones, and now they are playing into the wearable market with their new device, the uWear.

The uWear is again another MediaTek smartwatch with the same features as most other MediaTek smartwatches. It does not seem to have any unique software features, and features the same anti-theft, remote camera, and music control software features in the other MediaTek smartwatches. However, this time it seems to have a really interesting take on the design.

The uWear is reported to feature a 316L steel case which Ulefone says has gone through 40 different procedures and 200 processes to achieve. This will mean that the watch will be really resistance to heavy damage, and will feel really nice on the arm.


Seriously though when will Gearbest start letting us sample their products?

The 316L Steel Case

It also will feature a 2.5D touchscreen, which is used in a number of higher end smartphones nowadays. A 2.5D touchscreen curves at the edges, giving the screen a nicer feel to it, and making the device feel premium. As for the uWear, it will probably make the smartwatch a little more comfortable to wear.

Ulefone also mentions of the strap, which is reported to use the same material as the Apple Watch – fluoroelastomer. Fluoroelastomers are special purpose synthetic rubber which is tough and withstands high pressure so that the watch strap does not break easily.

Ulefone uWear - IP65

The uWear is also IP65 certified.

You can get it from Gearbest’s site here. They’re having a limited sale, which means that the price of the smartwatch is only $25.