[Sponsored] RWATCH M26 LED Bluetooth Watch Sale

RWatch M26 heroWearables have always been a profitable market, with devices such as the Apple Watch and numerous Android Wear devices being on the market, and being compatible with their respective devices. MediaTek doesn’t lose out too, and they’ve developed their own set of wearable technologies with numerous Chinese OEMs coming up with their own smartwatches and wearables. The RWATCH M26 is one such device.

The RWATCH M26 is an Android and iOS compatible smartwatch targeted at athletes. It has many features just like a normal smartwatch – Syncing capabilities with a smartphone (Android or iOS), controlling features such as the music player or dialer on said smartphone, and of course it tells the time. What sets it apart though is that since it is catered to athletes or sports enthusiasts, it has a number of sensors not found in conventional smartwatches.

Passometer: No, it’s not a pedometer… It’s a passometer, which counts the number of steps based on the motion of the device, instead of a pedometer which uses the distance travelled. The passometer in this case will of course count the number of steps you’ve taken, and is useful for people who go for daily jogs or runs. The RWATCH M26’s passometer also registers the amount of fat in your body according to the specifications.

Altimeter: For people who like climbing mountains or hiking, the altimeter may be a useful tool to estimate the distance from the ground, and potentially the distance from the summit. For those who don’t climb or hike though, it can be a really neat tool when on an airplane, as it will measure the altitude of the airplane (ain’t that cool, right?).

Thermometer: If the passometer and altimeter sensors aren’t enough, RWATCH also included a thermometer inside this neat little gadget, allowing you to measure the ambient temperature at any time. Since you’re wearing it too, it essentially would record the temperature around your body, and may serve as an actual thermometer, albeit on your wrist.

RWATCH M26 features


The RWATCH M26 also comes with quite a number of features unlike the typical Android Wear smartwatches out there in the market right now. Like an Android Wear smartwatch, it tells the time, has a stopwatch, vibrator, and remote dialing. However, the device also contains native music player control with full controls for track seeking and playing/pausing, unlike Android Wear devices which require Google Play Music (or a Wear compatible music player) to be installed, limiting the music player you can control.  It also has a built-in anti-theft system which will alert the user when the watch or the phone is 15 metres away from the other device. This is not available in Android Wear, and requires the use of third party apps such as Cerberus.

Another interesting feature that we don’t see every day is the ability to remotely control the camera of your smartphone – Something we obviously don’t see in Android Wear. Sure, some smartwatches have cameras built in, but that would be quite a hassle, and even so the cameras are not of high quality most of the time. Allowing the user to control their smartphone camera from their smartwatch would be highly beneficial if the user were a photography enthusiast taking still photos using a tripod, as they would not have to touch their smartphone screen, which may potentially add motion blur to their photo, reducing the quality.

Some of the M26's key features

Some of the M26’s key features

RWATCH didn’t go too cheap on the aesthetics too – The watch also comes in 4 different colours: black, red, gold, and blue. This makes for more choices and you can decide on which one looks best on you.

M26 colours - black, red, gold, blue

M26 colours – black, red, gold, blue

The watch supports Bluetooth 2.3 all the way through 4.0, so your smartphone will most probably support it. You can grab it from Gearbest’s page here.