[Sponsored post] Bands for your summer!

It’s summer time and Gearbest has 4 different colored wristbands and 2 different colored GPS watch for kids, which essentially means, we are going to promote only 2 different products today.

W5 Smart Wristband 3D Pedometer Watch

The W5 Smart Wristband 3D Pedometer Watch comes in 4 different colours, mainly Red,Black, Orange and Green.  You may be thinking, “oh god….another wristband again?! What is Droid Agency thinking?!” Well, read on if you feel like it.

The main selling point of this wristband is that it does not need a bluetooth connection from your phone to do the mundane activities such as setting up your alarm and viewing your fitness stats, instead you do it from your personal computer(additional software required). Yes, there are some wristbands that does this, but hey,there aren’t a lot of wristbands that allows you to be tethered-free from your phone.


Otherwise, the features wise feels like every other wristband. It has a weather sensor displaying real-time temperature that you can make good use of for travelling.  It is said that the wristband has a 3D sensor  that is able to continuously store your fitness data(such as recording steps taken, distance taken, calories burnt) up to 120 hours. It has a sleep monitoring sensor that monitor your sleep status, including sleep time, shallow sheep time, deep sleep time, let you know about your sleep.

A feature that could be inspired from the pebble smartwatch is that the wristband is able to wake you up every morning with a vibration instead of the dreaded alarm.
Some readers may be concern of the size of the wristband. Here is the dimensions provided by Gearbest.

Dial Thickness: 0.9 cm / 0.35 inches
Dial Diameter: 1.6 cm / 0.94 inches
Band Width: 1.6 cm / 0.67 inches
Wearable Length:: 17.5 – 22.5 cm / 6.89 – 8.86 inches
Product Weight: 0.017 kg
Package Weight : 0.074 kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 24.5 x 1.7 x 0.9 cm / 9.63 x 0.67 x 0.35 inches
Package Size (L x W x H): 13.5 x 9.2 x 2.7 cm / 5.31 x 3.62 x 1.06 inches

The regular price is $28.29, however, Gearbest is currently selling at $9.89.


W5 Bluetooth 4.0 GSM Phone Children Smart Positioning Watch



Gearbest gave the description of  “When you are not with your child, whether you will think about: What is he / she doing? Now the W5 – Kid’s Smart Positioning Watch allows you to track your child’s every movement at anytime and anywhere. The kid’s nurse is coming!”

This is new and refreshing as I have never seen such a product in the market before.

The watch feature GPS + AGPS + LBS.  The fusion of GPS + AGPS + LBS triple positioning function, helps you get your child’s location accurately. The child will be under your radar at all times. If the child slips off your radar, a alarm message will be sent to your mobile device. If you are missing your child, it is possible to make a 2 way communication with the child via this watch. In case you child takes off the watch, an alarm message will be send to your device notifying you.



Would I recommend it? No, it is way too expensive at $42.12 for first time parents. However, the price can buy you a piece of mind.

That’s all for today folks! What do you think of the products?


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