[Sponsored] Oukitel A28

Oukitel A28

Gearbest is at it again with another smartwatch sale. This time it’s the Oukitel A28! Oukitel is a new smartphone OEM in the market right now, and has not much attention, though through their recent Oukitel U8 Universe Tap, they have managed to gain some media coverage. Now with their A28, they seem to be getting into the game too.

The Oukitel A28 is a smartwatch similar to most other MediaTek smartwatches out in the market. They don’t run Android Wear, but rather, MediaTek’s unique take on the smartwatch operating system. Whether it’s for the good or for the worse is up to you to decide, but personally I have no preference. Both Android Wear and MediaTek’s operating system have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Oukitel A28 has many unique features different from the budget smartwatches out there right now; namely its IPS screen with a resolution of 240×240, a metal finish on its body, the use of the charging connector (similar to the one on the LG G Watch), and a heart rate monitor which surprisingly is listed as being the same as the one on the Apple Watch.

Oukitel A28's features (Source: Gearbest)

Oukitel A28’s features (Source: Gearbest)

The heart rate monitor is genuinely surprising. Who would’ve honestly thought that a budget Chinese smartwatch would have the same sensor? However, that’s not all. These MediaTek smartwatches are seemingly usually catered to athletes or people conscious of their health. The Oukitel A28 has not just the heart rate monitor, but also a pedometer, sleep monitoring, and water resistance. It is unsure whether or not the water resistance is IP67, but it seems like a couple splashes won’t damage it.

The sedentary reminder is also unique, as it reminds the user when they’ve been sitting down for too long. As you may know, sitting down for prolonged periods of time may impact your health, thus this may be essential to leading a healthy lifestyle.

This time too, the operating system has packed an instant messaging sync app, which allows you to sync your social media accounts onto the watch. This may prove to be useful for people on the go, as they do not have to constantly take out their phone from their pockets to check their messages.

Oukitel A28 Smart Wake (Source: Gearbest)

Oukitel A28 Smart Wake (Source: Gearbest)

The Oukitel A28 also has a Smart Wake feature, which is similar to that on Android Wear devices. As detailed in the image above, you’ll simply have to tilt your wrist, and the watch will detect it and turn the screen on. This is also a feature of smartwatches without buttons (just like the LG G Watch too).

Aside from that, the Oukitel A28 is also compatible with all Android 4.4+ and iOS devices, and comes in 2 colours: silver, and golden.

You can get the Oukitel A28 at Gearbest’s page here.