[Sponsored] Iradish Y6 Quick Look

As the smartwatch market grows, we see many unique offerings provided by various OEMs. There are smartwatches for athletes, some for power users, but the Iradish Y6 is something we have not seen before. It is regarded as a smart watch-phone. We take a quick look at what it has to offer.

Most smartwatches in the market right now need a smartphone to function. Take for instance Android Wear devices – they are essentially just a watch without an Android device. However, there are some offerings by various OEMs that support GSM SIM cards, and these offerings are pretty interesting to look at. Iradish Y6 is one such smartwatch that contains SIM card support, and even web browsing.

Here’s what’s different: it’s not just a smartwatch. The Iradish Y6 also has a removable battery, TF card, and SIM card support, just like the mainstream Android device out there (though this is changing due to OEMs wanting to lock down their devices).

Image: Iradish

Image: Iradish

The Iradish Y6 runs on MediaTek’s MTK6260A processor, which is one of MediaTek’s solution to wearable chipsets. It is though, surprising to see a smartwatch with full GSM support. Most smartwatches cannot do this, and require pairing to a smartwatch, such as my LG G Watch, which only serves as a portable watch when not connected to my Ulefone Be Touch 2.

This means that the Iradish Y6 can function as a phone as well, and since it offers web browsing, it means that you can do quite a bit on just your watch alone, such as checking your Facebook news feed or even your email. Despite that, the Iradish Y6 is still able to pair to an Android device, most probably to sync up the contacts and other required data, as it does not pair to any online account.

The device also supports voice recording and music playback, which is something again, Android Wear devices do not offer. In addition to all those features, all the basic features of a smartwatch are included: notification syncing, pedometer, and anti-theft. It also has a camera, which allows you to take 0.3 megapixel photos on the go. Additionally, you can also remotely take a photo using your smartphone.

The Iradish Y6's camera, which looks a little like the Apple Watch's scroll wheel

The Iradish Y6’s camera, which looks a little like the Apple Watch’s scroll wheel

Here’s a video of what the Y6 can do:

The Y6 comes in 4 colours: gold, rose gold, silver, and black. Additional batteries are also available if you want to swap out the battery at any time. This makes the Iradish Y6 quite a modular device, as typical smartwatches do not allow for the removal of the batteries.

Gearbest's offerings for the Iradish Y6

Gearbest’s offerings for the Iradish Y6

Gearbest is having a sale on this device, and everything is priced at just $33.66. Head over to Gearbest’s page if you are interested in getting one now!