[Sponsored] I5 Plus Smart Bluetooth Watch – Promotion

Gearbest is having another promotion, and this time they have the I5 Plus on the line-up, for just the low price of $18.

The I5 Plus is a fitness band similar to Fitbit, and sports many features like a pedometer, sleep monitor, and sedentary alerts. It is a upgraded version of the I5, by the company Iwown. This time, the I5 Plus seems to be a little different from the other MediaTek smartwatches offered by Gearbest.

The device features an OLED screen, which is something we don’t see on budget devices nowadays. Having an OLED screen will potentially mean more battery life, as black pixels will not use any power at all.

I5 Plus

The I5 Plus and its 0.91 inch OLED screen

The I5 Plus will also seem to stream notifications just like any smartwatch, and display them in a white font, making full use of the OLED screen’s power saving feature. Calls and other notifications will be automatically streamed via Bluetooth to the smartwatch.

Unlike Fitbit devices, the I5 Plus is able to control your smartphone’s camera remotely, similar to the feature present in typical MediaTek smartwatches. It is also able to find your phone by simply ringing it remotely.

Gesture controls and touch controls, all packed into the I5 Plus

Gesture controls and touch controls, all packed into the I5 Plus

Zeroner app

Zeroner app, provided by Iwown

A unique feature of the I5 Plus is also its gesture control. It is able to automatically switch interfaces just by detecting wrist gestures, similar to Android Wear’s gesture control feature. Iwown has also released their own software that pairs with the smartwatch, unlike typical MediaTek devices that use the MediaTek SmartDevice app.

The I5 Plus supports iOS and Android devices, and also supports Bluetooth 4.0. Again, Gearbest is having a promotion from 27 September to 29 September, and the smartwatch will go for only $18 during this period. Don’t miss your chance to get it!

You can get the device at Gearbest’s page here.