Siswoo R9 Darkmoon – Yotaphone Killer?

Siswoo is an OEM which isn’t that big in the market, but it seems that they will be, if the R9 Darkmoon gains mainstream popularity. If you know the Yotaphone, you would be familiar with the e-Ink display that the Yotaphone has on its back. e-Ink is a technology that is typically used in eBook devices, and it uses almost no power.

The R9 Darkmoon does the exact same thing, but better. It has not just an updated e-Ink display, but also updated specifications and more RAM than the Yotaphone. Aside from that too, it runs Android 5.1, Google’s newest operating system before Marshmallow. It is also a lot cheaper than the Yotaphone, and has a pretty nice design (if you ask me, it’s one of the nicer ones). Not much is known yet, though we can already tell this is going to be promising. You can watch ITXTutor’s video on it here: