Save to raw image feature coming to CM’s camera app

A keen-eyed redditor has spotted an addition of code from CyanogenMod(CM)’s Github showing that CM will be adding “save to raw image” to it’s camera app.

For the geeky ones out there who might not know what is this feature about, I will be explaining in simplified details and terms. Skip the next section if you do not want to read the nitty gritty details.

With raw format, the camera captures very detailed pictures whereas Joint Photographic Experts Group(JPEG) records details that are obvious.That is probably the reason why raw files are typically 2-6 times larger than JPEG files. This is due to the complete data from the camera’s sensor. So,  a 5 Megapixel(MP) camera will produce a 5MB raw file. As smartphones storage become larger compared to 3 years ago, it is now possible to capture high quality image without sacrificing quality.Currently it is impossible to grab a raw photo off the internet hence you will have to shoot the photo yourself to get the high quality effect. However, you could try to use High Definition Recording(HDR) to enhance the image. The huge disadvantage of raw format is that it is not widely supported.In order to turn a raw file into a human viewable image, you must run it through a raw converter. One of the few ways to view the photo is through photoshop with some processing.
With the adoptions of Android devices getting higher day by day, professional photographers might ditch their high end cameras in favour of smartphone camera. The addition of this piece of code might not benefit much for ordinary smartphones but I have confidence that cameras like Galaxy Camera will take advantage of it as the main purpose of that device is to only capture images.
What do you think of the future of smartphones camera? Will you ditch your high end camera if Android devices can take better pictures?

CM Git via Reddit
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