[RUMOURS] @evleaks came out of retirement to give us a glimpse of the upcoming Nexus!

It is a surprising day today as @evleaks, who has told the world that he has stepped down from the “leaking” scene due to health issues, tweeted what is purportedly the upcoming Nexus. The tweet reads “What a depressing few days. I remember 1 thing that used to make me feel better, tho. No mark in deference to Nexus. ”

The next Nexus is rumoured to be made by HTC and the Nexus showed in this image has 2 front facing speakers just like it’s flagship cousin, HTC M8. The volume and power button looks like it has moved down, maybe for ergonomics reason since the Nexus will be about 5.8-6.2 inches. This could be more comfortable for the users perhaps, imagine having to stretch your fingers to the volume and power button all the time.

However, we should note that this MIGHT NOT be the next upcoming Nexus as there are some discrepancy here. @evleaks claimed that he has stepped out of the scene already, so why leak a render now?It appears that he did not water mark this image too. Also, the Play Store icon looks different from the recently released Play store updates. Will there be some changes to Play Store? Having said all that, I believed this could be the final render as @eveleaks has some credibility in the mobile scene. The time on the Nexus also shows a “5:00”, which means it tallys with previous rumours that L will be a next huge release thus giving that big version bump up from 4.x . Also, the nav bar and status bar icons matched with the current Dev preview Nexus image.

With the rumoured announcement coming up on the 15 October, the leak just hyped up everyone’s excitement.Google is rumoured to release Wear 2.0 together with Wear full source code, Android L, Nexus 6/Nexus 9.

Are you excited? Are you ready for tomorrow’s rumoured big announcement? Is the next Nexus appealing to you?

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