Review : BoomSound on HTC One (M8)

The HTC One (M8) audio quality is by far the best I have ever seen a mobile device produce so far – and that’s including tablets. Even its impressive predecessor pales in comparison with the latest HTC flagship, which is not only the loudest around, but also delivers perfectly clean output. The positioning of the speakers on the front of the phone is a critical characteristic of the phone’s sound. Slapped right on the front, it allows audio to be fired towards you when you’re holding the phone.

BoomSound features at a glance:
1. The HTC One (M8) features a new multi-band amplifier that ratchets up the volume and sound quality, and boosts bass while keeping the mid/high frequencies clear.

2. A new software balancing system optimizes bass and treble levels to ensure clear vocal and sound details.

3. Redesigned speaker chambers result in sound that is 25 percent louder than last year’s HTC One.

4. A new DSP constantly monitors the speakers to ensure the audio is never degraded by clipping or distortion.

You can find more about BoomSound speakers over here


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