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With this post, we are starting a new segment on Droid Agency! We will be writing a review for an app that we really recommend, every two weeks. This week’s app is Reddit Sync Pro.


As the name of the app suggests, it is an app for browsing and commenting on Reddit. One of its key features though, is the ability to sync subreddits of your choice to read them later offline, which is a really nice feature if you are the lurking type of redditor and want to be able to read your favorite subreddits even when you are not connected to the internet.


Screenshot_2014-10-13-07-44-36 Screenshot_2014-10-13-07-45-22 Screenshot_2014-10-13-07-45-13 Screenshot_2014-10-13-07-44-55

The app uses the holo design language, with translucent navigation bar and cards UI enabled too. But I am pretty sure we can expect an update with Material Design to come to it once Android L is released. The UI is actually pretty customizable, you can select which one of the four post views you want to use: (From left to right in the screenshots) Card view, list view, smaller card view and small card view.


Now, swipe to right and you will see this hamburger menu coming out with several options. First option lets you to pick the profile you want to login with. You can use multiple Reddit accounts with this app. Next up you are met with several other options concerning your account, like viewing your profile and your messages inbox. You can also search for other users, or add casuals. The options you are given in the settings will be talked about a bit later in this post.

And finally, there is a tab for all your subreddits you are subscribed to, so you can easily switch between subreddits.

Screenshot_2014-10-13-10-19-27 Screenshot_2014-10-13-10-19-36Screenshot_2014-10-13-10-18-42

Here is a preview of how a subreddit looks like when you open it (the screenshot in the middle). When you swipe right, you can, again, see all the subreddits you are subscribed to. When you swipe to left, you see the sidebar of the subreddit. Here is the example on the subreddit called Androidcirclejerk. You see the sidebar on the screenshot in the right, the actual subreddit in the middle and the list of your subreddits on the left. The interface is very intuitive.



This is how a post and the comment section look like. You have the usual reddit post actions right under the card, and you can also read the comments and scroll down to read even more comments. When you click on a comment, you are presented with comment actions, that will allow you to up or downvote a comment, reply to it, save it, view commenter’s profile, share the comment, open it in browser, copy the comment text or the URL and finally report it.


If you want to reply to a comment or post a reply to the post, you are presented with this UI, with the usual bunch of formatting options. Of course it doesn’t feature all of the formatting options such as spoilers for example.


Screenshot_2014-10-13-09-36-33 Screenshot_2014-10-13-09-36-25 Screenshot_2014-10-13-09-36-20 Screenshot_2014-10-13-09-36-14

This is how the settings look like, and again, you are presented with a lot of customizability options here. You can change the action bar color, activate night mode (which makes the color of the UI black) and AMOLED black night mode which makes the UI color an even darker shade of black, to take advantage of AMOLED screen technology and enable a very dim UI while consuming less battery too.

There are a whole bunch of other settings you can tweak to adjust the app to your own liking, as you see in the screenshots.

To sum the review up, I would say, this is the best Reddit client for Android I have ever used. It offers great experience with a lot of tweaking abilities. There are free and a paid versions available for download.



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