Pushbullet Review (and announcement)

Pushbullet iconIf you’re the sort who always wants your devices connected, there’s a solution to all your problems! Pushbullet allows you to not only send files under 25MB to and from registered devices, but also sync notifications, and even send WhatsApp messages on your PC (without WhatsApp Web).

Not just that too, the Pushbullet development team has also kindly built Pushbullet clients for almost all platforms, including Windows and Mac, and even the iPhone. They have also even included a totally open API for developers to build their apps and services based on Pushbullet. If that is not enough too, you can opt to receive instant push notifications for your favourite Android news site, comic site, or even when your favourite company buys another company. xkcd, Cyanide and Happiness, it’s all there!


  • Instant push notifications, anywhere, everywhere
  • Material design (do I really need to mention this?)
  • Idiot-proof management system


  • Ubuntu client is a little hard to use
  • 25MB file limit
  • Windows client still needs work

If you are interested in having a fully connected network of devices, you can check out Pushbullet here:

If you can’t access the Play Store, you can use evozi’s APK downloader to download the APK directly.
Happy pushing!