PhotoMath Review

PhotoMath iconThought solving basic algebra was hard? Well it ain’t now! Enters PhotoMath, an app designed for people who are just too busy to use a calculator. As its name implies, PhotoMath is basically a solver app which uses your camera to grab the problems.

It uses OCR technology to read what is written on the footage, then converts it to plain text for the device to solve. It is still in beta, although a stable release is available. The app also tells you how it solves each problem, which makes it all the better.


PhotoMath screenshotPhotoMath screenshot


  • Solve basic algebra using your camera
  • Intuitive interface is easy to use
  • Step-by-step explanation on how each problem is solved


  • Only detects best when camera is pointed at printed media
  • Doesn’t have any option to change settings
  • Splash screen – Android apps don’t need one

You can visit the Google Play Store to download PhotoMath here:

Or, as always, if you cannot access the Google Play Store, you can always use evozi’s APK downloader to grab the raw APK file.

That’s all for this review!