Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 Review

Nvidia released a tablet last year called the Shield Tablet , which uses Nvidia’s K1 chip , with gaming in mind . It is the most powerful tablet last year , yes even the latest iPad at that time is no rival with the shield tablet . This year , Nvidia released the Shield Tablet K1 , with very minor changes , mostly to cut cost , like removing the Direct Stylus .


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Xposed for Marshmallow, It’s Real

There is no doubt that Xposed is the most anticipated tools for Android enthusiast out there. We have seen rapid changes in Android world recently, from KitKat to Lollipop and then another Lollipop with a lot of changes, and the most recent, Marshmallow. With this rapid developments, it won’t stop Xposed developer rovo89, a recognized developer on XDA-Developer to push a big update for Xposed, sort of. Read more

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