P7000 and the Sony IMX214


Photo: elephone.cc

The Elephone P7000 may be the first MediaTek device to be able to shoot 4K videos ever, after a confirmation from Elephone that all their P7000 devices will be using the Sony IMX214 sensor.

Just a few days ago, Elephone announced that they were short on IMX214 sensors, and that they would be randomly using IMX135 sensors and IMX214 sensors in their P7000 flagship devices. This caused quite a stir, as many do not want to pay the same price while getting lower specifications. The IMX214 sensor has a slightly larger resolution than the IMX135, and is capable of shooting 4K videos. It is also capable of producing clearer, crispier photos.

Today, Elephone announced that all P7000 devices will be using the IMX214, in an unexpected turn of events where Elephone paid a high price for the sensors (original article) and obtained enough for the first set of shipments. This is good news, as all P7000s will get the same camera quality as devices such as the OnePlus One. What do you think? Will you get an Elephone P7000 just for the camera, or are there any considerations? Let us know in the comments section!