[OPINION] Keyboard on Android Wear

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced that it has developed a beta keyboard for Android Wear. Is this even necessary? Android Wear was developed by Google to be a “voice-controlled” platform. Having a keyboard just doesn’t fit into this ecosystem.Back in July, Minuum attempted this before and failed badly, since there are still little apps that utilise the API given by Minuum. Wear messenger and Internet Browser are the only 2 apps that I can find in the play store that uses Minuum API. Who browses the Internet on your wrists anyway? It is just plain ridiculous with such a small screen estate.


A standard keyboard paradigm absolutely would be horrible on a watch which has such a small screen. At least Minuum supports much more watches compared to Microsoft’s. Microsoft’s keyboard only support 320×320 screens and the Moto 360. Personally, I owned a G Watch (which I will be reviewing soon), I find that swiping is already a chore, since my finger already covers half the screen and I don’t have huge fingers to begin with.

Although Microsoft’s implementation is through swipes to draw letters, I doubt it will be accurate on such a small screen. Is it even feasible to look at the text you are typing? Just look at this gif, the letters are so small, how are we supposed to find out what are we jabbing at?

What I suggest Devs who are attempting to do this is to quit. Yes, quit, please, I have already mentioned, Android Wear is a voice controlled platform, everything uses voice, only useful actions uses swipe and typing on such a small screen isn’t useful. Instead, I would suggest developers to come up with some automation ideas on the Wear platform. Using our voice, we would be able to control our devices, that, would be awesome.

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Daniel Quah

18 Year old dude, who loves cat and tech
  • Having a keyboard on the wrist really defeats the purpose of a smartwatch. Voice dictation is already good enough. Android Wear isn’t made for being used with a keyboard.