OnePlus announces a collaboration with JBL!


Today, OnePlus has announced a collaboration with JBL to produce a set of earphones, JBL E1+ Earphones, specifically crafted to enhance the powerful sound of the OnePlus One.   OnePlus claims that the premium 9mm JBL drivers outfitted with PureBass technology  together with a dynamic, high frequency response and massive bass ensure sharp, full audio output and maximized sound. The earphones comes with in-line 3 button remote that allows you to answer calls,skip tracks or even take pictures with it! I have never seen the latter feature before on any headsets.

Tech specs:



Maximum SPL:105dB @ 5mW

Rated power input:5mW



Cable length:1.2m


Seeing the specs, I doubt this will appeal to any audiophiles as it has nothing outstanding about it., but we shall only judge it after it comes out.OnePlus gave no word on where  and when it will launch this and it will cost $39.99


OnePlus press release

JBL E1+ Earphones



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