Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 Review

Nvidia released a tablet last year called the Shield Tablet , which uses Nvidia’s K1 chip , with gaming in mind . It is the most powerful tablet last year , yes even the latest iPad at that time is no rival with the shield tablet . This year , Nvidia released the Shield Tablet K1 , with very minor changes , mostly to cut cost , like removing the Direct Stylus .



The Specs




The first thing i noticed is how thick is the tablet , at 9.2mm , it sits on the heavier side of the spectrum . As for the weight , it’s okay , but it is heavier than it looks . The Weight is also evenly spreaded out in both potrate and landscape .



The display measures at 8″ , it is not as Vibrant and Vivid as the Galaxy Tab S2 , that has an Amoled display with QHD resolution. The Shield Tablet only has a LCD display with FHD resolution . I actually prefer FHD than QHD because the higher the resolution , the gaming performance will be lower .



The Shield Tablet has Dual Front facing Speakers and Dual Bass Reflex Port ,which is very loud . The only device that outmatches it is probably the Nexus 6P , that also has Dual Front Facing Speakers .



Day to day use , this tablet’s performance seriously a beast . It handles everything perfectly due to the K1 chip , and Nvidia’s Optimization to the Android OS . In gaming , i was able to get 60FPS in World of Tanks , Geometry Wars 3 , Anomaly 2 with Maxed out Graphic Settingsv . The Tablet does get warm , but thats it . It doesnt get uncomfortable or even burning my hands .


Build Quality

The volume and power buttons are just bad , they are so shallow so its very hard to press them . The tablet is made up of Polycarbonate at its back and rubber on the stereo speakers . It feels okay , but i would wish it has a better build quality , but it is to cut down the cost . At USD 199 , i can’t complain .

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