Nexus 6P First Impression

I recently pre ordered the Nexus 6P from one of the local stores (actually that was a month ago ) , and it was delivered last evening , so here is my first impression of the device .

The first thing that caught my eye is how huge the device is . At from the 5″ with Nexus 5 to 5.7″ of Nexus 6P , i quickly realized i couldn’t use the device with one hand , not without stretching your thumb .

The bright and vibrant 2K display shows itself when i power on the device , Its really sharp and the colour is eye popping . I went through the set-up process and i was prompted to set-up a fingerprint lock . The the process was painless when compared to other devices like the iPhone or Samsung phones with Fingerprint authentication , it only requires me to only tap 6 times before it registers one finger . Once i finished the set-up process , i immediately tested the fingerprint authentication . Damn it was very very fast , and works 10/10 tries .

The Nexus 6P has Dual Front Facing Stereo Speakers , so i tested the speaker volume by playing some random YouTube video , it was also very loud , louder than the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 . Generally tablets have bigger and louder speakers , so i was pleasantly surprised .

Normally , with the Nexus 5 , i will be down to around 50% battery by the time i reach my workplace with heavy usage , my trip takes about 2 hours , with the 6P , it still have 87% when i reach my workplace , which is a great news to me , because i use my phone heavily and the Nexus 5’s battery just doesn’t cut it .

Performance with the 6P is just .. you know …. very good . It flies through everything with ease , and surprisingly the Snapdragon 810 doesn’t heat up all that much , its even cooler than the Nexus 5 . The only place i managed to see lags is in the camera , when you take multiple shots with HDR+ .¬†The double tap to open camera is also great , but i don’t find myself using much , but its definitely handy.

Here is my first impression with the 6P , full review will come soon .

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