New Emoji Galore!

Android 6.0.1 has just been updated with the new Unicode 8.0 emoji, and thanks to XDA we have it now as a flashable zip.

Unicode 8.0 emojiThe Unicode Consortium has recently added some new emoji to their list of emoji characters, and of course iOS got it first. However, Android users are not too slow to get it too, with the help of not just users from the community, but also Google themselves.

XDA senior member Shooting Star Max just uploaded a flashable copy of the new Unicode 8.0 emoji for Lollipop, as updated by Google. Included in the flashable are not just the emoji, but also the fonts from 6.0.1 too. You can view the original thread here and try it out for yourself.

Do note that doing a backup is highly recommended before flashing.

WhatsApp has also updated their app with the new emoji, but there’s a catch: You’ll need to grab it from their website instead of the Play Store, as the new emojis have not been pushed  to the Play Store yet. You can grab the new version with the new emoji here as an APK.