Nekoatsume (ねこあつめ) – Stress relief at no cost

Nekoatsume iconGoogle Japan recently broadcasted an 11 hour live stream based on the Japanese cat collecting video game Nekoatsume. Because who doesn’t like cats, right? I got myself a copy of the game and decided to try it out.

Nekoatsume is a really simple to play game. The game revolves around a few mechanics: buying equipment, placing equipment, and snapping photos. To collect cats you’ll simply have to place toys for the cats to play with, and put down cat food. As it is a collection game it is real time as well, so you’ll have to check in every once in a while (or don’t, and wait till all the cats are gone). You can also snap photos of either the entire area or just a cat. Fortunately, no reaction or aiming skills are required for this game, and it is a great stress reliever, as the cats are also extremely kawaii cute. All that, and the game also has a pretty nice main theme too (which is also the only piece of music you’ll ever hear in the game.


Nekoatsume - cats

Nekoatsume – cats

Cat photos, because who doesn't like them?

Cat photos, because who doesn’t like them?

Toys you can purchase

Toys you can purchase












  • You don’t have to know how to read Japanese to play this game
  • Neither do you have to know how to listen to Japanese
  • Great stress reliever


  • Can get a little slow paced sometimes
  • Cats are not real


You can get the game on the Google Play store. Alternatively, you may use evozi’s APK downloader to sideload the app.