500 firepaper vs Muzei


You can view the focused wallpaper in the Muzei app.

In this article, we are comparing the two of the most versatile live wallpapers apps for Android. 500 Firepaper

First, let’s start with 500 firepaper. What this app does, is to shuffle photos of the topics you choose from the vast online picture gallery, 500px. These are professional photos taken by good photographers from all around the world. You could choose the intervals between shuffling in minutes. You can also adjust the blur levels, and use  it as a Daydream option if you have a device running Android 4.2+ You can see all the options in the screenshots below. As you see, 500firepaper is a very versatile live wallpaper application.

Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-44-53 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-45-11 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-45-16Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-44-40

Muzei on the other hand, was designed to be used blurred. There is an option to change the blur to 0% if you want though, which will give you a completely clear picture. The core functionality of both apps is the same, the fundamental difference between the two is that Muzei has the ability to work with plugins. Don’t want to shuffle famous artworks as wallpapers? No problem, install a plugin that provides a different set of pictures and you are good to go. When you have both 500 firepaper and Muzei installed, you can use 500 firapaper as a plugin for Muzei! And there are much more plugins out there, like NASA’s photo of the day, Romain Guy, Reddit, Pluzei etc. Muzei could even be used coupled with Tasker with the help of the Taskei plugin.


Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-45-43  Screenshot_2014-08-16-08-57-39 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-47-13 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-47-07 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-46-37 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-47-01 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-46-53 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-46-46 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-46-30 Screenshot_2014-08-16-07-46-22

In these screenshots, you see the vast customizability of Muzei. It’s all achieved thanks to third party plugin support. The only settings of Muzei out-of-the-box though, are much more limited than the out-of-the-box settings of 500 Firepaper. As mentioned before, the real power of Muzei are the plugins. Verdict: my personal recommendation would be to use Muzei and 500 Firepaper simultaneously in order to get most of the two. But if you don’t want something as fancy as Muzei or like to tinker with only out-of-the-box options of apps, using only 500 Firepaper will get the job done pretty well. You can’t go wrong with either of these apps. You can get both of those apps with their links below:

Muzei Live Wallpaper

500 Firepaper Live Wallpaper

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