Motorola’s 2015 Lineup Released

Moto 2015 Family Portrait[1]

Moto 2015 Family Portrait


Today, Motorola unveiled four new devices at their live conference. We got two Moto X versions (Style and Play), and a two versions of the Moto G(8GB/1GB and 16GB/2GB).


Let’s start with the Moto G. The new Moto G is the updated version of last year’s model, Moto G 2014. In the picture above, you can see all of the specs of this year’s Moto G. As you can see, there are two different Moto Gs. While they do not differ by their looks, they differ in terms of storage and memory. The lower end and cheaper model has 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM. It will cost $179. The $219.99 version has 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. The key differences between this year’s model and the one from last year is the addition of LTE, 2GB of RAM on the higher end model and the new 13MP camera, which Motorola claims has been taken out of the Nexus 6 of last year, improved and put into the new Moto G. That means that the new Moto G has a better camera than the Nexus flagship of last year, and it costs only third of Nexus 6’s price. IPX7 certification is also an addition here, that means that the new Moto G can be submerged into freshwater for 30 minutes into a deepness of maximum 1 meter. The front camera has also changed, the resolution has been bumped up and it’s also a wide angle camera this time. Also, a welcome change is that Motomaker is going to be available for Moto G as well now, and its also launching in Brazil as well. Other specs have been bumped up from last year’s model as well, though those are not going to make that big of a difference in day to day use. Moto G is available starting today.


Moto_G_Black_White_Hero Moto_G_Black_Underwater Moto_G_White_Front_Back


Here are a couple of pictures of the Moto G, that Motorola has released today.


Next up we have the Moto X Play. This is my personal favorite out of the three devices announced today. In the picture below you can see its specs.




Spec-wise, this new Moto X is a higher mid-range device with a really big battery, made to last long. Motorola promised 48 hours of battery life out of this device. It’s also supposed to cost $300-$400 dollars less than flagships of other major players. This device has a 1080P display, LTE, 2GB of RAM, Snapdragon 615 SoC and a 21MP/5MP camera combination, the same as Moto X Style. It’s made clear that this device is made for continuous usage without the battery just dying, since it’s battery is 3630mAh capacity and Turbo Charging capabilities. The Play is not going to be available in the US though. It also has a Water Repellent Coating, similar to the older Moto X devices and the Moto X Style.

White Moto X Play

White Moto X Play










Last but not least, we have Motorola’s this years flagship, the Moto X Style.




It has everything you’d expect from a 2015 flagship. Motorola, like LG, went with the S808 SoC for their flagship, most probably because of the extreme overheating and throttling issues that devices like the HTC One M9 had with the S810. The battery is a bit smaller than the battery in Moto X Play, but it still should be able to deliver at least average battery life, if not a bit over average. I, personally am a bit skeptical about the screen size of 5.7″, but I guess screen sizes are going to get bigger and bigger on flagships, and it looks inevitable at this point. And as long as I carry a backpack with me (almost everywhere I go), I can always put a big phone into the backpack if they do not fit in my pockets. The addition of a MicroSD slot and 64GB option is probably the best change of the new flagship X over the Moto X 2014. The limited storage options have been reasons of complaints since the first Moto X in 2013, and it has finally changed. Another thing that has changed is the camera. 21MP, f/2.0 back-facing camera. Motorola claims the camera to be one of the world’s 3 best mobile cameras. Older Moto X devices have a track record of having lackluster cameras, but this generation seems to have improved by a lot over the old one. DxOMark rates the camera as the second best mobile camera just a little behind the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has been shown to have a terrific camera. I guess Motorola has listened to their customers and finally upped their camera game. And this Moto X is supposed to cost $200-$300 less than other flagship phones, which makes the Moto X an affordable flagship phone. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this device.



White Moto X Style


If you have any questions regarding the devices, feel free to ask, we’ll try to answer those at the best of our abilities.


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