Moto 360 Review

After using the Moto 360 for 3 months , here is the full review of the moto 360 .

Battery Life

I’m not really a fan of it’s battery life , it only lasts a day for me with light usage . Thats with the ambient display turned off . If i turn it on , i wouldn’t even last a day for me . I really love the always on display on other android wear watches , so this was a real bummer for me . Blame … blame the processor , more info below .



The display is farely visible outdoors in direct sunlight , i have no complain over its brightness . It is also the only watch with auto brightness , so i dont have the manually adjust the brightness . Its not using an amoled display so no deep blacks too .


Heart Rate Sensor

This is a weird one , the first few days after i bought my watch , the heart rate sensor works fine , but some time afterwords , it stops working , at least in the google fit app . Other app like moto body reads the heart rate just fine . The reading is farely accurate and the speed of the read is …. quite fast ?



Replacing the watchband proved to be a tedious task . Removing and attaching one requires tools and you can only use the watchband designed specifically for moto 360 , your favorate watchband will not be compatible with it .


Ambient Display

Moto 360 is the only watch that has ambient display instead of always on display , not even its sucessor , the moto 360 v2 has it , and its not a good thing . The display only lights up when the watch detects movement similar to when you are looking at your watch . It does not work 100% of the time , and does not trigger when you are not moving your wrist . Why the moto 360 don’t juse use always on display then ? It’s because of the processor , more info below



Performance on this watch is just … unacceptable . At least its 200% better after the 5.0 update . But it still constantly stutters and the loading times for apps is ridiculous . Blame the OMAP processor . With its high power consumption and low performance , no wonder the watch can’t use always on display , still eats the battery like crazy .

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