Minuum Keyboard Review

Minuum iconHuman beings are different in every way. Fingerprints, body layout… And that one thing we all use today: Our fingers, or specifically, our thumbs. If your thumbs are too big for your phone’s keyboard, then there’s a solution: Minuum Keyboard!

The Minuum Keyboard takes a new approach to smartphone keyboards, not by removing the conventional QWERTY/AZERTY keyboard, but by compressing it. Instead of having 4 or 5 rows of tiny keys covering 50% of your screen, you’ll now have a single row of keys that can be freely resized (or swapped out for the conventional keyboard if you need it) on yoru screen, making typing incredibly easy.


  • Single-row keyboard makes it really easy to type
  • Extremely customizable, with even an adapted theme
  • Free version available for people who like to try before buying


  • Can be laggy on devices with processor clock speeds lower than 2.0GHz (and still is on 2.0GHz) Fixed as of 6 March!
  • Auto-correction goes a little wonky on HTML5 pages
  • Full keyboard needs a little optimization

If at any time you may feel that typing is getting difficult, you can always try out Minuum Keyboard here:

If you can’t access the Play Store, you can use evozi’s APK downloader to download the APK directly.
See you!