Minuum Keyboard Review


Sloppy typing really is okay, because the prediction system is stellar!

In this article we’re going to review the new and Innovative keyboard called Minuum. The size and the production system is what sets the keyboard apart from all the others. It’s really small, so when you want to type something of happens really often that you hit the wrong letters. That’s where the predictions system shows its beauty. The keyboard can predict what I want to type pretty good. In fact, this whole paragraph was written on my phone using Minuum and only a handful of words has the Minuum predictions system got wrong so far. And if it does get a word wrong, you can swipe on the predictions list, find the word you’re looking for and then just click on it.

Daniel and I talking random stuff.


Here you can see screenshots of settings of the keyboard. Minuum has all the settings you see in other keyboard apps too, like size, emoji, gestures, themes etc and they’ll all help you to customize the keyboard to your liking and make it truly yours. You can swap themes (currently three themes available). The newest update added the functionality to unpin the keyboard from the bottom of the screen, move anywhere you want and resize it to your liking.

Screenshot_2014-08-23-08-54-38 Screenshot_2014-08-23-08-54-21 Screenshot_2014-08-23-08-54-16 Screenshot_2014-08-23-08-54-10 Screenshot_2014-08-23-08-54-05 Screenshot_2014-08-23-08-54-01

Minuum also has a full keyboard in case you want to type passwords or emails or similar things. Just swipe up with one finger.

When my friends would see me using Minuum, they couldn’t believe that it is easy to type on it. But it really is, as long as you are the least bit accurate by hitting the keys. Missing on a key by one or two keys isn’t bad, since the keyboard will almost always get the word you were trying to type. But just as I said, “almost always”. There are times when Minuum thinks I wanted to type a completely different word, and the problem is, if you then delete the word and proceed to retype it again it will not always offer you another suggestion, often offering the same suggestion two maybe even three times until it gets the word right. But nevertheless, Minuum is still good at predicting and has a full sized keyboard

To sum the review up, Minuum is a pretty good keyboard for those of you who prefer typing to swiping, it saves space on your device and is very good at predicting. Minuum can also learn from your typing habits, so it is one of those things that “gets better with age”.

You can get Minuum for 1.99€ here.

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