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A couple of days ago, XDA Senior Developer pulser_g2 posted his rant on on XDA regarding Google’s lack of concern with AOSP apps.

But one of our editors spotted a Material Design Email App in AOSP via a tip by sykopompos . I went ahead and did a compile and found that, yes it is Material Design, but it is barely functional. But, it is a milestone for AOSP with regards in Material Design.

As seen in the Screenshot, the new Email APK is now called Unified Email.
2014-11-09 (2) 2014-11-09 (1) 2014-11-09

There is lesser permission with the new Unified Email apk as compared to the old Email and Gmail app.Although it should be noted that this APK is a work in progress, so nothing will work, clicking on anything will cause a FC and there are placeholder texts everywhere, the placeholder icon for the app is the current Gmail app.The apk can be found in the AOSP repo over here if you would like to take a look at it. We at Droid Agency have provided the apk(YES THERE IS APK!)if you want to take a look, but we take no responsibility in whatever you do to your device. Having said that, the apk is harmless and will not do anything to your device.

The apk was only tested on Nexus 7(2013) running Dev Preview 2. So, test it and let us know how it work for you guys.

Nexus 7(2013) Flo APK

Generic x32 ARM APK

There is a generic APK and upon installing it, it FCs on my Nexus 7. I will update the post as I figure out how to solve this issue. If you are adventurous enough to build it yourself, I would advise you to build it against a Nexus device. For the generic APK, please put it under /system/app ,set the permission to rw–r–r and reboot. For the Nexus 7 apk, install it as a normal APK.

For the APKs compiled specially for their devices, installing it normally will be sufficient.
Tilapia APK
Generic ARM x64 APK
Grouper APK
Manta APK
Hammerhead APK

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