Live Blog – Sep 29 Google Press Event

Google will be announcing a slew of devices. Join us below for our live blog. Check out our previous post if you aren’t up to date with the news. Did I mention that we are giving away a watch sponsored by Gearbest? Stay tuned to our live blog to learn more!


Congratulations Gohar on winning our giveaway! Drop us an email (our email is in the Contact Us page) and we’ll provide further instructions on how you can receive your prize.

Daniel Quah

18 Year old dude, who loves cat and tech
  • Gohar

    I want one!

  • Chuck Bartowski

    Am i late to the party? I would like to win in the giveaway too!

  • Sung Ngyuen

    I would like to win too!

  • Eric

    I came from Facebook and I like your post, I would like to win too.

  • Maurice Brownhouse

    Google seems to be taking hardware seriously this time, but no SD card slot? That’s a bummer.

  • Chang Mu

    gimme that watch!!

  • Adoler

    commenting for the giveaway

  • rootobtained91

    commenting for Giveaway!

  • sillyGoooose

    Both the Nexus looks good, I’m buying the 6P though