LG G3 finally bootloader unlocked!


The LG’s latest flagship was released with much fanfare only to disappoint power users when they found out that they were unable to fully utilize their device by bootloader unlocking. LG has promised that they would be releasing a tool “soon”, but ever since then, there was no news.

But now thanks to the developers over at XDA, they have finally cracked open the bootloader for every variant of the G3.  However, with this unlocked, it allows you to flash “Bump’d” boot images to your G3.  What does this means? It means, Devs will have to “Bump” their own custom ROMs or kernels before being able to modify the software from their device. End users will have nothing to worry about. However, they need to make sure that the ROM they downloaded is compatible with their carrier.

A forewarning though, this should not be done by normal users who have no idea what they are doing as this voids their warranty and may even brick your device if done incorrectly. For those who are still not intimidated, feel free to  head to the XDA thread  for more information on how to do it.


Image credit Courtesy of Team Codefire

Daniel Quah

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