It’s Official (WhatsApp’s Material Design Update)

That’s right, people. The one app that has refused to let any third party interface modifications of their app get past their security checkpoint has finally updated their interface to match Google’s Material design guidelines.

That’s right, I’m talking about WhatsApp. The messaging app, now owned by Facebook, has been under fire for its outdated interface for the past few months, and since then, many popular apps including Telegram, YouTube, and even the ad blocker AdAway have updated their interface. WhatsApp, however, took action on the developers who made modifications to their app to give it a Material design makeover by banning users who used the modified versions temporarily.
All that is over now, thanks to the latest update of WhatsApp that can be found here:

And here are some screenshots, of course:

WhatsApp screenshot WhatsApp screenshot

This new update brings forth the Material design guidelines, alongside other interface improvements such as profiles and the calls interface. Do check it out, and let me know what you think about this!

P.S. Now if you would, I’m going to complain to other app developers.