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We started DroidAgency a few months ago with nothing but fundamentally, bunch of geeks doing this as a hobby. At first, DroigAgency was hosted on blogspot, as you remember when it’s funky odd, but acceptable as most of us doing this for fun. But later on we expended into a team of ‘not so professional’ blogger and me ( the author ) joined DroidAgency to help moving this agency into one step higher, self-hosted wordpress. It was fun, where we learn stuff such as proper article formatting although it’s still not properly formatted. We run our wordpress on a shared hosting running on cPanel and it’s not as fast as we expected.

2 months of wild and funky experience. On this short journey, we met new writer , Afnan, we get higher views, more traffic, but more challenges. For an instance, our ‘slow’ shared hosting cant support hundreds views at a time. We often get email from our server provider that we are using high cpu! As for my previous experience on the same provider, hosting my own blog and my customers web projects, all the usage was fine. Obviously something is not right on DroidAgency this time.

After a short discussion with our administrative board, we decided to move on to another level. Self-managed virtual private server. Yes, we moved from cPanel to self virtualization where we setup our wordpress on private hosting. It’s hard to move ( not that hard tho ), but nicely worth it. Thanks to our senior writer, Daniel Quah and our sponsors, Github and DigitalOcean, we are able to run this new server. It’s blazing fast even with lower specs than our previous provider. And it’s cheaper too! DigitalOcean is what we all need. This is not an article advertising DigitalOcean, we just appreciate the greatness on this cloud computing. You guys can hop on to DigitalOcean if you need it, and tell us what do you think about it.

We learned that, if you think what’s in your hand is enough, you’re wrong. There are so many things that we can try and learn. Glad we found DigitalOcean.

Author’s note : My mind is blank now and I need a short rest before moving on tweaking some more stuff in this new server. 

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