Ingress Review

Ingress iconIf you’ve ever wanted to play video games but also want to get out of the house, the people at the Niantic Project have got you covered!

Ingress is a GPS-based game which uses your location to determine what you can and cannot do in-game. The game requires you to go outdoors and perform various tasks on portals such as hacking them, deploying resonators, and completing missions. Aside from that, players (known as agents in-game) organize gatherings and operations worldwide to commemorate various occasions, or to simply get together and have a good time.


  • Allows the player to get outside and be active, one of its kind
  • Game is constantly developed worldwide
  • Game is very dynamic, with portals being submitted by players instead of pre-set


  • Material design is not present (despite the game UI being custom)
  • Laggy in some parts
  • Location spoofers are rampant in the game, and not much has been done to prevent that

If you’re interested in Ingress operations, getting outside, or simply to check out this very unique game, you can get it here:

Alternatively, you can use evozi’s APK downloader (link in the sidebar) to sideload the APK directly from the Play Store.

Viva la Resistance! See you in the next one!