HOW TO : Motion Gestures on HTC One M8

A useful new HTC Sense 6 feature on the HTC One M8 is the ability to unlock the device via a swiping gesture while its display is turned off – that’s the new Motion Launch feature.

Motion Launch
Swiping up in portrait mode unlocks the device. Swiping down activates a voice calling feature, while swiping left and right takes you to the homescreen and BlinkFeed respectively.

Double Tap to wake
Furthermore, the display of the HTC One (M8) can wake up with a double tap. The gesture takes you to the lockscreen. A second double tap on the lockscreen would turn the screen back off.
Double tapping on the homescreen however doesn’t lock back the smartphone. The double tap functionality is only available on the lockscreen to allow users to quickly look up time and notifications.

Camera Launch
The Camera can be launched by pressing the Volume Rocker after picking up the phone horizontally.

Flip to silence
When a call comes in you can turn HTC One M8 over to mute it.

Pick up to lower the volume
In a business meeting or restaurant, pick HTC One M8 up when a call comes in to lower the ringtone volume.

Set volume to automatically rise while in your pocket or bag
On a noisy street and can’t hear HTC One ringing in your bag?You can set HTC One to recognize when it’s in your bag or pocket and raise the ringtone volume so that you can hear it in noisy environments.

Answer Call
Answer the call by just bringing the phone close to your ear.


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