Hexy Launcher Review

It’s been a long time since I did any app reviews, but recently since new interesting apps have been pushed out, I decided to do a couple. Here’s one for Hexy Launcher, an experimental project by SwiftKey’s Greenhouse, which SwiftKey says is ‘a place where we can seed ideas and help them grow’.

Hexy Launcher is a launcher unlike your normal launchers with app drawers or app grids. Instead of having icons in a square grid, it uses (you guessed it) the hexagon, which is commonly known as the most storage efficient shape there is. The launcher only consists of 3 parts: the main launcher, the alphabetized launcher, and the widgets panel. It’s that simple! The main launcher also places your most commonly used apps in the center of the hexagonal grid, so that you can access your favourite apps without scrolling to their respective sections. Oh, did I also mention that the launcher also groups your apps based on their theme colours? It’s probably the first launcher that does that!


  • Simple, minimalistic, efficient
  • Uses very little CPU
  • Commonly used apps section in the middle of grid


  • Colour grouping may need a little more work (Google Maps in the purple section?!)
  • May need a little time to get used to
  • Needs a little more features, such as hiding of apps, or customizing the arrangement


Main grid
Alphabetized grid
Widget screen

You can get Hexy Launcher on the Google Play Store here:

Or you can, as always, use evozi’s APK downloader (link is in the sidebar!).