Guess What, KanColle Players!

Hey everyone who is a Kantai Collection player! Sick of playing KanColle on your PC? Want to play the game quickly without installing Flash? China’s got you covered! Well… Not really. This post will review the two KanColle clones available on Android, Chinese, of course.

1. 炮妹 (Cannon Sisters)

Blonde Kongou! That’s what this game was apparently about. In the time I was playing it, I didn’t see any cloned characters. Though the gameplay was indeed a little different. Instead of the conventional Kantai Collection ’round wheel’ button layout, it puts everything at the bottom, and has a portrait orientation. Not to mention too the game starts with an incredibly long and long-winded tutorial game. Instead of the typical random map battle too, the game has a ‘move forward as you wish’ kind of battle style (if you’ve seen Valkyrie Crusade you’ll know what I mean). And just like any Chinese knockoff game, they are ridiculously easy to win.
EDIT: This one’s fully voiced, so you’ll get Chinese ladies speaking to you when you play it.
EDIT 2: Seems like the latest version of the game has stripped any direct derivative art works, and replaced them (see image below).

What do these look like to you?

What do these look like to you?

2. 战舰少女 (Battleship Girls)
The more realistic KanColle clone

The more realistic KanColle clone

This one copies from the Kantai Collection interface more, with the classic ’round wheel’ layout, and an announcement screen similar to that of School Idol Festival‘s. Honestly, I would prefer this over the first one, as this one has got a cleaner interface, and… Fubuki. In fact, only the graphics are the same. Most of the characters’ names are similar, if not the same as the Kantai Collection’s ones. The Abyssals also look very much like those in the original Kantai Collection game.

If you want to see a gameplay for either of these games, do leave a comment down below!

P.S. Of all the Chinese clones I’ve tested, none of them have proper security at all. Here’s how you register: Enter a name/email, and a password. Yeah, that’s it.
P.P.S. As usual, do not use any of the payment methods provided within the games.