Gramophone Pre-Release Review

Phonograph iconIf you are an audiophile, or just an Android user who loves music, Gramophone is the app for you! Well, of course not now, it’s still under closed beta testing, as it still has a lot of bugs to fix. It does though, have a very active community, as its interface is a full Material design, unlike most music players that have extremely customized interfaces (i.e. PowerAmp, n7Player). It is also completely free, which means by its final release it should be bug-free, as a barrage of users will probably flock to the Google Play Store to download it (I mean, it is the first fully Material music player…).


  • Full fledged Material design, together with animations!
  • Current beta is stable enough for daily usage
  • Simple, clean, free


  • Closed beta
  • Some bugs still yet to be fixed
  • Graphical artifacts sometimes shown on 4.4 devices


Phonograph screenshot Phonograph screenshot

If you’re truly looking for a better music player, do check out the Google+ community here:

If you can’t access the Play Store, do use the community to ask people about getting access to the app.
Happy Android-ing!