Google News & Weather Resurrection

If you’re a fan of News & Weather application by Google, you’re lucky for being loyal. Why? This is the resurrection of Gingerbread masterpiece. Ever since Google move on from 2.3 to newish Android, News & Weather application is pretty much abandoned. At first, we thought that it’s just like many other essential applications out there that will never get updated. In fact, most Android device doesn’t have it unless you’re on Nexus or on custom rom with complete Google Apps pre-installed.


Out of nowhere, Google News & Weather got updated to version 2.0 and for the first time it’s available on Google Play Store ( usually pre-installed on Nexus or GPE devices ). With this new massive revamp of the old holo-ish News & Weather looking, user can now enjoy the Cards UI which fits the modern look of Android. More materialistic ? Indeed it is. Like its predecessor, you still can manage the editions and sections that you already subscribed through the settings menu.


Plus, on the news itself, you can see more relevant news showed up and you can choose which one you would like to click and read. Previously on the old News & Weather, there’s no relevant news and you can’t choose which news writer/poster. It’s all preset by Google. This is what we like the most in this new major rework of this long forgotten masterpiece.

There’s more,  you get to choose either one of this beautiful updated widgets too! More like Google Now widgets but with more relevant news.

Grab it on Google Play Store or simply download this apk if it’s not available in your country or devices.

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