Google Messenger Is Out On Play Store

Something new from Google that allows you to send text messages to your friends and family? Isn’t that already available on Google Hangouts since a year ago? But why Google? Isn’t hangouts already perfect where we all can use one unified application to send messages?

Google Messenger, a standalone text messaging application is now out on Play Store. Although it’s already been around, spotted since recent Android L 5.0 release on Nexus 6, most of us haven’t got it yet, until now. To answer this confusion, Google Messenger is not a Hangouts replacement or rebrand. I rather say, it’s a option or solution for stock messaging application, replacing the old AOSP holo-ish sms/mms application. Google remarked “more to come” previously, and maybe today is the big day for default stock messaging application replacement. I did said it’s not Hangouts replacement, above. Don’t get confused by that.

What’s special about Google Messenger? To be honest, as messaging ( sms/mms to be exact ) applications go, not a lot. Yes you can share pictures and videos, search your contacts or conversations, send audio messages and use emojis in text message.

I once thought that not so many people use Hangouts as their default sms/mms application. I guess I was right? Maybe the reason behind this is because having sms/mms in Hangouts is too cluttered. Not forget to mention that Hangouts is slow and annoying sometimes.

Enjoy this new standalone messaging application by google. If you’re unable to download it, go ahead and download it from APK Mirror


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