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Yesterday, Google released a new application, Google Inbox. This is really interesting. New ‘inbox’ for us to play with. Too bad, you can’t try it yet because Google use invitation system just like what they did on some new applications previously, including their web services like Google Domains. Good thing, you can request for an invite and just wait for Google to reply your request.


Luckily, we got our hands on it today. We already installed Google Inbox yesterday, so we just need to sign in straight away. Here is the introduction start-up.

Google Inbox comes with Material Design, and that’s a must. It’s beautiful and full of cool animations on every aspect. Now lets talk about Google Inbox functionality. What we know from other online media is, this is meant for your inbox for all/most notification based applications such as Gmail, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. But we realized that this is nothing more than your Gmail, enhanced. There, we said it. It’s just your email inbox buffed up to something more spectacular and eye catching experience.  Even after frustrated with this new inbox, we still have hope that Google is going to update it to make it a truly ‘inbox’ application. The application itself is a good replacement if you prefer detailed and bundled emails. As you can see below, Google Inbox will show YouTube thumbnail if you received email containing YouTube link in it. It also recognize your purchases and summarize it, only if the email is coming from global service like Steam where every gamer use Steam including Google Staff. Right? But for local purchases, we don’t think that Google will support it and only normal email will be shown in the Purchases.

Well, even for you guys who use many emails in one device, you need to switch between accounts. So what’s the point having Google Inbox when you can also achieve same thing on Gmail application? It is what it is, your email inbox enhanced. Just poorly advertised or it’s just us judging it too early? Let us know what you guys think about it on the comment section below and we might give you guys a couple of invitations if we still have it. Cheers!

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  • ranxi

    Well, I think this is useful and elegant even without the real “inbox” thing. I’d like to see my emails with more detail and in a more beautifully designed application. Too bad I still didn’t get an invitation while I’m a real Google power user.

    • Daniel

      would you like an Inbox invite then?