[Giveaway] One Plus One invite giveaway


We are back again with another One Plus One invite giveaway. Simply leave a comment down in our blog post on why you want want the One Plus One. Contest ends on 6 September 2014 2300 hours(GMT +8)!


edit: we will be sending the invite to your disqus email if you win it.

Daniel Quah

18 Year old dude, who loves cat and tech
  • Martin Peter Richter Spliid

    iphone is broken. to expensive to buy a new, so why not try the OPO 🙂

  • Berg Bauer

    As I gave away my invite as a present. Now I want the phone for myself, too.

  • Benny

    I only have a brick phone and an old iPod Touch 4 that I use. I recently started college and I really need a new phone.

  • Thomas Duffield

    I’ve been wanting a new phone for quite a while now but have been waiting to find the right one. The OPO is definitely the one for me, the spec and the price are hard to ignore, I would greatly appreciate the invite!

  • B2002

    I have a brick phone and need a better one

  • darkdragon88

    I just want an upgrade from a moto g!

  • Rafitz Cham

    Damn I need this phone so bad. My phone is a querty nokia asha, and it’s all messed up. Come on lord, make me lucky.

  • in dy

    I need a new phone since my old one broke and i wanted to try out the One plus. The specs really attracted me to it.

  • karthickgopal

    What does the best user experience in Android Design look like? We know the iPhone side with their phones. Wouldn’t it be amazing to share an invite to a phone that would tell a long time Apple user what it would be like if you entered into the Android world? That’s why you should share it with me. So I can help spread the love you have and share the great experience together.